Why Us
Why UsWe believe in open communication and mutual trust, and to this end our quotations detail exactly what our costs are and how much profit we will make in terms of percentage and pounds.
SuppliesWe have also negotiated with the fourth largest supplier of feminine hygiene units and can supply these units at an amazingly low cost, and they are changed every four weeks.
SupervisionEach month a full traffic light report is carried out with the Customer by a member of our management team together with a designated member of the customer.

We are a local, family run cleaning Company with an enviable reputation for quality and long term associations with our customers. Among these are police and prison authority offices, which require home office security approval for Company and employees alike. Security is a major consideration for all Companies engaging outside contractors to enter their buildings. Our customers can be safe in the knowledge that our Company ticks all the right boxes in this department.

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Personalised Service

Our customers tell us that one of the main reasons they like dealing with us is that our service is more personalised and when contacting us, they are speaking to a principle of the company who will act immediately.

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National or Local?
It has often been said to us by larger organisations such as retailers, building societies, and multi-National Companies that they can't deal with a local Company because Head Office insist on dealing with one National cleaning Company.

The benefit to them, so the story goes, is that it saves an awful lot of time by only having to process one invoice and speak to one Company. 
  • No Obligation Consultation Services
  • Janitorial Suppliers
  • Office Cleaning
  • Factory Cleaning Services
  • Soft Furnishing and Carpet Cleaning
  • Initial Cleaning for Builders
  • Floor Renovation Cleaning
  • One-off Deep Cleaning
  • Production Line Cleaning
  • Cleaning of Retail Stores
  • Cleaning for Prestige Car Dealerships
  • Servicing and Suppliers of Washroom
  • Computer Cleaning
  • Telephone Cleaning / Sanitation